There are a few different types of packages with Helix IPTV, each of which offers various features and options. The service provides streams from 50 countries and offers a 48-hour free trial. Regardless of the package you choose, you can find almost any program you’re interested in. There are over 6500 channels and 100 channel groups. While the interface is complicated, it does have many options that are well worth exploring.


If you’re looking for a cable replacement, Helix may be the right choice. The company offers professional service for a reasonable price, and offers a user-friendly online portal and dashboard. It also offers instant account activation. The downside of Helix is that it’s not yet available in Quebec. However, it’s possible to try it out for 48 hours with a one-euro payment.

The Helix is available in physical and virtual editions. Its touchscreen interface allows users to adjust sources, assign busses, and apply EQ. There’s also a large on/off button for easy switching.

Packet loss

Packet loss is a common problem in IPTV. Helix IPTV uses a system and method of reducing packet loss. The system is able to support a large number of terminals and maintain a consistent connection. This makes it an excellent substitute for cable. Moreover, Helix offers a professional online portal and dashboard. The user can get started instantly and enjoy all the benefits of the service.

Packet loss can have a dramatic impact on the quality of IPTV. While most digital programs employ efficient compression methods to reduce latency, a single lost packet can have an audible or visible effect. These can be displayed as frozen frames, a retained image, or even error blocks that stay on screen for a long period of time.


Helix IPTV offers a number of different packages that vary in price and features. You can choose from monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual plans. There are also packages that include extra connections, such as up to four. The basic plan includes one connection. If you need more, you can pay an additional $5.75 per month. Helix IPTV is compatible with many different types of devices and provides online support.

You can get a free 48-hour trial of Helix IPTV, which allows you to try the service before you buy it. Helix offers streams from over fifty countries and over 6500 channels. This is enough to let you watch practically anything you want, including international programs. The site’s interface isn’t particularly user-friendly, but it is possible to find and watch channels that suit your tastes.

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Once you’ve activated Helix IPTV, you can use it on as many devices as you like. The service allows for up to four simultaneous connections, so if you have four televisions, you can watch them all at once. There are several subscription plans to choose from, and you can try them all out for one month.

If you’re looking for a reliable cable replacement, Helix may be the right choice. It offers a fair price and professional service. It also includes a comprehensive online dashboard and portal, as well as instant activation.


Helix IPTV has a number of packages to suit different budgets, from monthly to quarterly to annual. You can also add more connections to your subscription as and when you like. The basic plan includes a single connection, but you can add up to four with a paid plan. A free trial is also available to give you a taste of the service.

One of the best things about Helix IPTV is its price. It is not ridiculously high, even though you get a lot of features. There’s no special equipment needed, no hidden charges, and a two-day free trial. You can access more than 50 channels and enjoy live EPG in high-quality.

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