Iconic Streams- The Simplest and Greatest Way to Get Access to Your Favorite TV Shows

Iconic Streams- The Simplest and Greatest Way to Get Access to Your Favorite TV Shows

Aug 16, 2021 by info

Iconic Streams is an IPTV Service which hosts more than 3,000 channels and hundreds of VOD choices in great quality HD. Their basic package costs below $16/month and comes with sports, movie, music, international, and many more. They also have various add-on features such as TV Guides, TV Flash, DVRs, music videos, pay per view, and so much more. Their unique selling proposition is that they are one of the first to bring affordable high definition television to people’s homes. All this from a company which is only a few months old.

How was Iconic Streams born?

I know what you’re thinking right about now. How can an obscure company like Iconic Stream get a lot of attention from the android community? The answer is simple. Iconic Stream CEO Richard Legg explains that their core business was in helping android devices to access their favorite tv shows and videos.


To do that they needed a dedicated server from someone and they found it through a friend of a friend. They had heard that the guy was working on a company which makes IPTV software, so they started contacting him and offering him a deal which he readily accepted. Thus, the birth of Iconic Stream was born and from there the legendary Iconic Stream subscription plan was born.

Outstanding benefits

The system is priced competitively and with so much value for the money spent on it should be easy to see why this service is so popular. And as far as the customer care service goes, Iconic Stream has had zero complaints thus far. The user friendly interface, superior video quality, and variety of content choices all contribute to Iconic Stream being the best option yet for anyone looking for a high quality streaming video experience.

How to get Iconic Streams on your device?

Now if you want to try Iconic Streams you can simply download the app, sign up for a free account, and then get started right away. You do not need a special device to use the platform because it works with almost any android phones, tablets, and flash drives. In fact, you can use the Firestick application to stream video to your android TV from your smartphone. All you need to do is install the Firestick app and then connect your phone to your television through the USB port.


If you don’t have the Firestick installed on your device then you can simply install the Google Play app store to access the Google Play app store instead. After installing both you will then need to search for an icon in the respective places on your home screen. If you are looking for an icon on your desktop, then open the Start Menu or taskbar and then type “Google Play.” Alternatively you can also click on the “Apps” icon on the desktop and then search from there.

A huge library of content

With this new service provider you can easily streamline your entertainment experience by getting access to Iconic Streams’s premium channels. Not only that, but you can also watch many and international popular shows including Scrub, Las Vegas Show, Hollywood Movie, Smallville, Moonlight, Eureka, The X-Files among many others. As you would expect, all these shows are available in high definition. In addition, this service provider offers exclusive live sports coverage including tennis, boxing, football, basketball, cricket, and soccer games. Moreover, all the Iconic streams feature live interviews from top sports celebrities including David Beckham, Serena Williams, Lleyton Brown, Amy Winehouse, Damon Hill, Mika Meiroce, and Emmit Smith among many others.


To add channels simply go to the “My Info” area of your control panel and then click on “Add Channels.” You will then be shown a list of all the live TV broadcasts available in Iconic streaming format. Simply highlight any show and then add it to the favorites. It is that simple and easy to get access to your favorite TV shows, no matter how they might be on a different day of the week. Try it out today!

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