The Smart Xtream IPTV

The Smart Xtream IPTV

Aug 24, 2021 by info

In this article we are going to discuss some special features of the new Xtream IPTV and how it can make our life better in some special ways. Some special functions of this software that we are going to discuss

No extra fee

It is available for free with no extra monthly charges. With the help of xtream-ui panel you can stream your favourite videos on your mobile TV without any extra cost. In each name seconds IPTV become more popular among people who are still unaware of it, Xtream IPTV doesn’t host any kind of IPTV membership either free or paid. So it can work effectively on Smartphone or Android television box without the use of external player such as MX player or other video player.

Multi-functional software

It is a multi-functional software that comes with all the features that you want to watch your favourite videos on your mobile TV. You can enjoy watching the full-length movie on the xtream-ui player while chatting on your favorite instant messenger. You can also upload some videos of your own and share them with your friends by using the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. with the help of your xtream-ui. It is an ideal solution for the people who cannot have enough time to go to their home theatre and watch the movies.


If we have to define the working of an xtream IPTV then we have to mention that it is just like a traditional computer monitor with the difference of being connected to the internet rather than plugged in to it. When you will connect your xtream-ui to your home theatre system through the SIRUS or optical fiber port then your television will be connected to the internet by means of an online IPTV gateway. Then the user can directly play the video over the internet and enjoy watching it on your mobile television. The user also has the option of connecting to a television set via cable or wireless connection. And if you are not able to view the video then you can simply switch over to another device such as a mobile phone.

Special functions of the latest Xtream IPTV version

The latest version of Xtream-Xsi-Pro – an enhanced version of its predecessor – has been released by Xtream IPTV providers. This latest software – version 6.2 – introduces several new features such as: Record Playback, Video Playback and Voice Recorder in one single device; which allow the user to easily move from one room to another; has a user-friendly interface; enables viewing of live channels; schedule recordings and store movies. It also comes with parental controls and other useful features. With the help of this software you can even export your favorite videos and audio tracks to an MP3 player so that you can watch them on your iPod whenever and wherever you like. This software also supports a wide range of IPTV services such as High Definition Digital Video Recording (HDD), Real Time Transport of TV (RTR), Video Screen Control, Video Brightness and Nightlight etc.

Remote Access

Another exciting product of Xtream it is the Remote Access feature. The users can access the content of their xtream it directly through the android portable device or any external player. With the help of this feature the user can control the programs and channel directly from the remote. This feature is mostly used for controlling the recording process.

Various add-ons

In order to make it easy for the users to use this software, it is available with various add-ons. There are a number of add-on which enhance the features of Xtream it. Some of these features include: Live View – it lets the user view the video in real time through a live feed; Record – it allows the user to record live or recorded sessions; Copy Video – it enables the user to copy video streams coming from the internet; Playlist – it helps the user to set up the play list of the xtream; Web-cam – enable the user to take videos from the web; Color Conversion – it converts colors into appropriate format of the xtream’s server. In order to install Xtream it, just click on the “install” button present at the bottom of the screen. After this, it will prompt you to scan the system to check whether there are any virus in the system or not.

Easy usage

Apart from the above features, Xtream iptv player is a very powerful and easy to use device. In fact, it has advanced features such as streaming media library, image thumbnailing and downloading. In addition to this, the user can also use it as an External player with a USB. With its powerful hardware architecture, the intelligent video quality and speed, and wide array of features, the smart ipod player has made lives of both media administrators, network administrators, corporate executives and educational institutes very comfortable.

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